So like most of the country we recently relocated to Florida. And since reports point to me being in good company, I’m willing to be it’s a LOT of new transplants first Hurricane Season. So I figured it’s my civic duty to share best practices or hurricane hacks curated from the folks who live here.

When I put out the call to my peeps for Hurricane tips I did not expect at all to receive the amount of brilliant information I received. I ignorantly thought living landlocked in Tallahassee during Katrina that I knew a thing or two about hurricanes and yikes was I wrong!

I spent most of my adult life in Los Angeles where we have to worry about fires and earthquakes, neither of which come with any warning and so I had a false sense of security thinking oh hurricanes give you plenty of time to prepare. And while yes that’s a distinct advantage an ignorance of all the risks that come with a hurricane can put you at risk.

The squad advised that when dealing with a hurricane you have three specific issues:
1) the hurricane itself (high winds, rains, rising waters);
2) enduring long periods of time without power;
3) flooding so extreme it renders most roads unusable.

So you have your storm and then the after the storm you need to deal with. After the storm you’ll likely not have power AND you’ll also face being trapped in your residence due to the roads being flooded. During the storm you’ll want your property protected from the wind and floods as best as possible but it seems to me most of the problems begin after the storm has moved on.

My neighbor really hammered home to me the rule of three. She says if it’s a category 3 and there are 3 days left before land fall she makes sure her car is completely gassed up because she said whether or not you leave, there are literal runs on the gas stations and they run out of gas as a result. She said expect lines at the pump and try never to go below a half tank during the season. (A big yikes for ADHD me who loves to live on the edge a quarter tank at a time).

So my sorority sisters, whoooowhee they showed up in the comments with tips. And then I realized ok these Kappas know what’s up what about the rest of South Florida, so I opened up the question to a few parenting Facebook groups and the result is this: a delicious snack of the best information curated by yours truly.

5 Floridian-Approved Hurricane Hacks:

5) Handle Your H20
– complete all wash, you may not have runing water to finish the laundry
– stock up on drinking water
– fill tub with water in the event you don’t have water for flushing toilets
– freeze ziplock bags full of water to double duty as ice and drinking water

4) Plan for Power Problems
– batteries for anything essential
– battery powered flash light
– battery powered radio
– battery powered fan, it’s still going to be very hot
– acquire a generator if possible, otherwise locate neighbor with one
– charge ALL devices up until power is lost
– Amazon has a solar charger for devices (,Solar-20000mAh-Waterproof-Flashlights-Cellphones/dp/B078RQH9WK/ref=asc_df_B078RQH9WK/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=241942515097&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4455492954941394837&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9012012&hvtargid=pla-546870385394&psc=1)

3) Batten The Hatches!
– wind is coming secure anything that can be launched
– do not *contrary to TikTok* dump outdoor furniture in the pool
– don’t drain the pool, apparently they can then be launched
– hurricane shutters
– look at your trees and trim any dead looking future projectiles

2) Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork
– who is on your team and what are their needs (meds, first aid etc)
– be prepared to entertain children when you can’t take them anywhere and have no electricity
– have a pet plan for any nonhumans on the squad

1) Food Food Glorious Food
– consume all produce as soon as possible
– stock up on canned foods *that your family actually likes* because you might be living off it for a few days if the roads are really bad
– for those who can eat nut butters I had a ton of people suggest PB&J materials
– stock up on formula
– make sure you have pet food
– a grill can make outdoor cooking possible when the power is out

And, pretty much everyone backed up this TikTok tip I heard: if the Waffle House closes this hurricane is going to be bad and you better try to leave.

I hope this helps, y’all know me I love a plan! Right now I’m tracking some disturbances in the Gulf that are scattered and not organized which means I have plenty of time to aquire the above items. Let me know if you have any hacks for hurricanes or any fears I can crowdsource for you too!
Hurricane Hacks For The Newbs