Hi, I’m Jamie.  I’m a well read, opinionated but non judgmental mom who recently moved to Florida. I was just  featured on Lifehacker talking about parenting hacks I learned from being a camp counselor growing up.

I am a birth and postpartum doula which basically means I help people adjust to new parenthood in various ways.

I started this blog when my partner and I became surprise pregnant with our daughter and I realized how much stuff I didn’t know about being a mom.  I started attending lectures, classes and conferences to figure out from the experts how to parent and then shared what I learned on this blog and well here you are.  Turns out people dig this subject and soon I started co-hosting a podcast with a working mom and a therapist.  That turned into speaking opportunities and invitations to more conferences and next thing I knew I was in Sherman Oaks being trained as a Doula by DONA International President, Ana Paula Markel.

Prior to becoming a mom I worked in Hollywood helping writers fix their scripts, answering phones, getting coffee and surviving on minimum wage.  I’m from New York and my family is legit. My mom was the first woman to Play by Play announce an NBA game and had a super dope sportscasting career in addition to being one of the first women to lifeguard on Lake Michigan.  My dad has 13 sports Emmys from Executive Producing sports television and was a badass Right Guard for the Boston College Eagles Football team.  My Aunt is Lonnie Lardner, famous TV Anchor.  My Third Cousin is Ring Lardner, Jr and his dad is Ring Lardner.  You might recognize Ring Jr from the Blacklisted Hollywood 10  or from his Oscar, or l M*A*S*H. My sister is a celebrity Yoga teacher in Los Angeles who also sings in European Music Festivals. And my brother is an in-demand private golf instructor in New York.

Anyway, I have been granted amazing access to some TOP parenting professionals and because I genuinely believe this information should be more available to everyone, I post whatever I learn so everyone can benefit.  Whether I make a mistake like forgetting diapers on an airplane, or attend a neuroplasticity conference on Early Intervention, I promise to let you know what you need to know.  As a Doula, my basic philosophy is this: you know instinctively what is best for you, it is my job support your voice and your instincts as you transition from “me” to “mom”.

Lastly, people always ask why I’m called Cool Mom and the answer is this:  I’m not the trendy cool mom who is going to exclusive parties, I’m cool in like when we drop food on the ground, I eat it (unless it’s frosting side down). Or if you serve me wine in a champagne glass, I won’t Dorit about it.

Follow along on my misadventures as I try stay cool in the process of learning to Mom.

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I am available as a Virtual and In-Person Doula so if you don’t live in Los Angeles, I can still help you 🙂

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