Rejoice, friends!
Contrary to what I used to think, weekends with The Handful are so much
more fun than I was afraid they would be.
I used to have a huge case of the FOMO’s when it came to my weekends and
would try to cram as many parties in 48 hours as I could (between intramural
sports and script reading this made actual dating very hard).  Turns out, baby birthday parties are SO fun;
dancing with your baby at an engagement party blows drunk corner wobbling out
of the water; and there is no better place in the world than the family bed on
Saturday morning with the Disney Channel on.

First of all, any event like an engagement party or a
wedding becomes infinitely more exciting.
When you’re a mom you virtually stop wearing make-up, you never wear
fancy clothes, heck you don’t even shower all the time – so a big event that
requires dressing up is SO exciting.
When I get excited, I talk a lot and go overboard getting ready.  It’s what I do.  Also, I’ve got these amazing boobies now that
I’ve waited 30 years for, so every time I get dressed I’m all: BOOBS.  Mix this in a pot and you get me, in a corset
top dress (oh yeah, smoke if you got ‘em!) with hot pink lipstick and matching
(YES MATCHING) hot pink earrings … and … flash tats.  I know you’re all laughing at me right now –
I’m laughing at me – but getting ready was half the fun and I was really
getting after it by the time the flash tats came out.  I bought them months ago and never got a reason
to wear them, so when I saw them in my make up drawer I couldn’t resist.  Then, we roll up to the party and it’s like
150 people and I went into overdrive.
Got me a wine, cleared my own space on the dance floor and Patrick
Swayze’d with The Handful.  When it comes
to loving being the center of attention, the apple does not fall far from the
tree – The Handful had a full dance card within minutes and LOVED meeting all
of our friends. 45 minutes later, Baby Daddy reached his out-of-the-house limit
and I was so exhausted that for once I was not the last person on the dance
floor (and, for once I didn’t care!).  We
all went straight to bed and The Handful actually fell asleep.

The next day we had our first baby-birthday party.  Baby Daddy’s friends invited us to this
beautiful party they were throwing for their daughter’s first birthday.  It was literally the most fun ever.  First of all, all these parents have older
kids than us, so I just worked the room asking all my mom-questions.  Got some great stroller recs if anyone is
looking for strollers btw.  Second of
all, it was once again an excuse to shower, wear not-sweat pants and put on
make up.  My favorite part of the day was
when a friend’s kid repeatedly dove into this ball pit head first, laughing in
pure bliss at this awesome activity.  It
was also nice watching this mom throw the party because I got to see how you
throw a kids party because think about it, like what do you do?  Now I know.
Stop begging, of course I’ll write up how to throw a party once I throw
one.  Come on.

 Also, Princess Sophia on Disney JR is the best morning cartoon of all time.

All I can say is this, 27 year old me you have nothing to
fear and everything to look forward to because as fun as it is being skinny and
young, it’s surprisingly more fun being 30, fluffy and in love.

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Weekends Rock x10 with a Baby

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