The Final Installment of the Chronicles of UriNarnia: Lights For Days

Alternate Title: How We Rid Our House of Diapers for Good

I won’t bury the lead: we are a diaper free house. Three years to the day we brought our #TheHandful home and we are not buying diapers – unless these fertility visits work and we are blessed with another Future Leader. 

My Dears, it’s been a while since I’ve posted and that’s because we’ve been really busy lately with: birthdays, TV appearances and volunteer work. I know I left everyone hanging with that #infertility post, but nothings’ changed on that front other than three rounds of failed IUI. Which brings me back to the real news and that is: WE ARE A DIAPER FREE HO– USE!

We are also the most lit house I’ve ever been in and by that I mean we have tap lights stickering the wall from her bed to the toilet. At each touch she lights her path to the potty. All the lights are below the doorknob, making for a very bright and odd-looking potty path. Lookin’ like the movie Trolls in our hallway.

In the weeks approaching her birthday we reminded her every single night that by her third birthday we wouldn’t be buying any more diapers. We then showed her the remaining diapers left and then every night we were closer to Diaper Free, we showed her the count so she could see for herself. On the final night the night we had our last diaper, Baby Daddy tried to chicken out, but I Tiger Mom’d my way through the disagreement. I said NO MORE DIAPERS SLEEPING IN THE BED.

That settled it, the next night it would be ON.

All day during the day on DF-Night I found reasons to remind her that there would be no diapers that night. If she asked me to play dolls with her, I worked the night sleep into our imaginative play.  When she wanted water at lunch, I explained how water is in our pee. During dinner we reminded her about paying attention to our bodies for early signs we need to use the toilet.

We reduced her fluids after 6 pm in preparation for a 7:30 pm bedtime.  And then began our normal routine: Baby Daddy brushing her teeth; me reading her stories; Baby Daddy coming in for their nightly dance.  And then, it was time to roll the dice.

We turned the lights out in her room to make it very dark and then did two practice walks from her bed to the bathroom. Her stool, the toddler potty ring and a few more tap lights were all in position to make this an easy process. Then we tucked her in and kept our door wide open all night.  Total silence.

All seems well.  Our old asses try to watch a show before bed but get tired. Obviously we crash at 7:55pm.

I get up for my 2 am pee – if you’ve ever texted me after 8pm and received a 2am response, that’s because I use my phone to flashlight me to the bathroom – I check our NEST camera and see that she’s been asleep this whole time. Ok. Great. I go back to bed.

Next thing I know I hear “I HAVE TO PEE!!!!” being shouted down the hallway. Baby Daddy and I bolt out of bed to outside her door.  He coaches her out of bed and to open her door and then we take her to the toilet. While he takes her to the potty, I rush to the bed to check if it’s dry. She has gray bedding so it was easy to see that bed was completely DRY.   I look at my phone and see that it’s 7 am. I couldn’t believe it, it worked!!

The next night same thing. We had an accident the following night, night 3 of diaper free. It was after that accident I learned we should have put a pee pad over her mattress. Live and learn, or better yet read my blog and learn from all my mistakes!  She woke up covered and I mean covered in pee.  Drenched.  I gave her a big pee hug and told her we would try again that night before throwing her in the tub to clean the 700 gallons of urine off of her.

After a quick Target run to pick up some new bedding and a few pee pads, we didn’t skip a beat – this time we left folded blankets and a clean pee pad next to her bed so if we had to do another total bedroom makeover at midnight we could be quick.

So far the blankets and peepad have remained at the foot of her bed, she’s been calling out to us in the middle of the night to come help her pee!

Here are my 5 tips for finally ridding your house of the diapers:

5) Seems obvious, but don’t attempt night training if you’re not 100% confident with daytime potty use. There’s no point in challenging your kid to wake themselves up for a pee if they can’t figure it out when they’re awake to begin with.

4) Count down the days to Diaper Free together. This allows the child to warm up to the idea, thinking about it when it’s less scary and it allows the child to come up with questions for you about the process.

3) Count down the diapers. I showed her every night before DF night that her diaper supply was decreasing. She knew her last night of having a diaper was her last night and even said “after this no more diapers”. This let me know she understood what was happening.

2) PEE PAD. We’re a few weeks in to DF now but I still keep the pee pad on her bed because I know kids bed wet at all ages and drying her mattress out the first time was fragrant and took forever.

1) Collaborate. Work with your kid on their fears. Mickey expressed a significant fear of the dark when we were practicing walking to the potty. We asked her if night lights would help with that and she agreed that the would help. Then we put up the hallway of lights together so that she was physically part of the process. This relieved her anxiety and empowered her to be her own hero.

That’s what I got folks. Oh and something my mom told me which I feel the need to pass along: keep a FEW emergency diapers handy in the event of stomach flu. She warned me projectile diarrhea can only be contained in a diaper. Words to live by.

Happy potty training, folks!

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The Final Installment of the Chronicles of UriNarnia: Lights For Days

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