A lot of exciting things have been happening that have kept me too busy to sit down and write. I’ve been recording on a podcast that’s about to launch, I’ve been interviewing parenting experts in their fields of expertise and have been shooting more on-camera stuff that’s going to be coming out much later than I’ll ever have the patience for. While I’ve been doing that and y’know, parenting, a LOT of my friends have had babies! Wahoo!! It’s been really fun to watch from up close and afar how my friends have transitioned into motherhood.

Lately a lot of these new moms have been asking me for product advice. I suppose it makes sense since I’m both a product-junkie and a mom with at least 20 months on these gals, why not … Well what that did was get my wheels turning because as you can imagine there aren’t any magic bullets out there, but there are some random products out there that did make a difference us.

Are you a new mom or know one?  Chances are some of these issues sound familiar … I listed the best products we found for what ailed us during our first few weeks post-birth, hope it helps!

Under Eye Bags:

  • I consider myself an expert on under eye bags, I’ve probably tried every single cream, device, treatment and unconventional hack there is – aside from Botox and a filler, your best weapon for the dreaded bags are these: Estee Edit Instant Wake Up (they have a pic of Kendall Jenner on the box)

Quick Grey Coverage:

  • Drybar dry shampoo in your hair color. Sometimes you wake up and it’s like all your hair went Walking Dead on you – it happens. Armor up and get a cute ‘mom hat’ like those floppy kinds that are really in style these days. Aside from your trendy hat, you can blast your zombie hairs in a flash with colored dry shampoo and then you go from No Way to Kim K in seconds. Bonus for delicious scent.

Jiggly Bits:

  • If your jiggly bits are extra jiggly, try compression to hold things in place. I used the Belly Bandit to hold my tummy in place and a sports bra in a size smaller to compress my milk jugs. I found that wearing the belly bandit in two sizes was the most comfortable, I went between Medium and Small depending on how much pressure felt necessary.

Leaky Nips:

  • Medela bra pads all the way baby! Stuff ‘em in your nursing bra or a sports bra and change them often. The sour milk smell can sneak up on you but once it’s fragrant it’s hard to miss. You don’t want to be a walking boob fart.

Bloody Nips:

  • Lansinoh’s lanolin cream + fresh air. And these soothing nipple pads. I gave the girls lots of oxygen in the beginning when my nipples split in half – and then never ever breastfed again once they healed, great Maui’s hook that was terrible!

Raging Diaper Rash:

  • Get this stuff before you leave the hospital and have it ready, diaper rash happens! Triple Paste

Breast Pump:

  • Medela – as an 8 month exclusive pumper, I stand by my recommendation that the Medela “Hands Free” is the best pump on the market.   I also wish there was something better. Come on women, invent something better!
  • Get a strapless pumping bra so you can really be hands free.

 Aching Stiches in your Birth Forest:

  • Dermoplast spray, apply liberally … you’re welcome
  • Put period pads in the freezer and then take the frozen ones and ice your lady – esp if she’s swollen still

Cottage Cheese Legs:

Baby Carrier:

  • Newborn: Bjorn it’s easy to use, first time moms will have no problem pulling it over their heads and it’s easy to pop the baby in. Eventually the baby gets too heavy to comfortably wear so then you switch …
  • 4 Month & Up: Ergo360 gives you the ability to wear the baby front and back, and the straps are better than the Bjorn so the additional weight of the growing baby won’t be an issue.

Dry Hair:

  • Thanks hair, for falling out and getting dry while we heal! I loved Moroccan oil, I would drench my hair in it post shower and go about with my hair all oily for a day a week.

Dry Skin:

  • Lotion is for Basics, get yourself some oil! We actually share the same oil and both use Honest Co. I cover us in the good stuff after every bath. Trust me you’ll never use lotion again.

I hope some of my new mom friends find this useful! These products were game changers for us and helped me battle some of the post birth healing issues that can surprise you!


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