Fancy your prodigy a baby Mozart? Right on, us too! Music is really important to Baby Daddy and I, so naturally we’ve explored a bunch of baby music classes. Before you shell out $$$ and commit to a program, check my list and see if there are any non starters for you first.

  • Beat Buds 
    • Whether or not you sign up to host a class, BEAT BASH is a must-do. It’s their semi-annual concert for toddlers and kids with outdoor fun (food trucks, games, face painting etc) and it’s cheap! Like $20 for an adult ticket cheap.
    • These dudes perform their own original material, written for kids and do these in-home jam sessions where babies up to age 6 can sing dance and play along. In their own words: The BeatBuds perform acoustically. Their highly energetic and interactive performances create a musical experience that captures the essence of being young.
    • The only bummer is they don’t have a physical place so if you aren’t hosting them the only way to see them is at a Beat Bash or someone’s party.
  • Toddle Tunes 
    • Right near The Westside Pavilion are arguably the most passionate musicians on our write up: The owners and staff are educated in music and experienced with babies. Matthew Mueller, the musical director and co-owner has his degree from Oberlin Conservatory and all staff has their degrees from various colleges as well.
    • We experienced the Toddle Tunes at a birthday party and were impressed with the ukulele they let the kids jam with and their baby sized drums.
    • The Toddle Tunes are hip too, they play cover songs of classic rock hits, not that lame “baby stuff”
  • Ladybug Music 
    • These Ladybugs are everywhere! You can pretty much drop a pin on a map and there’s a Ladybug class close by.
    • While that’s awesome and convenient, your experience is going to vary by location. Some teachers rock and some could use a latte or seven.
    • Pro tip: Take advantage of their free trial class, grab a mom friend or two and roll into a class together to see if you have fun. You’ll know by the end of class if you want to commit or not.
  • Wonder Tree Kids 
    • This one got our attention right away as one of the cleanest and newest facilities on the list.
    • Despite the teacher repeatedly forgetting our names (in a THREE person class), I could see the potential for this one to be more fun as the program finds it’s groove. We went for one of their very first classes and it felt like some kinks were still getting worked out
    • With other classes to offer as well as easy parking and great shopping nearby, Wonder Tree Kids is a spot to hit up when you’re in the Southbay.
  • Outside the Box
    • DUDDDDDEEE!! THE DRUM CIRCLE!!! DUDE! Must-do. Worth a drive to Woodland Hills from pretty much anywhere at least once.
    • They do sensory classes that mix up music, lights and textures to stimulate baby brains from as early as 4 months old.
    • The staff there is friendly, they’re always rearranging things and adding to the programs to continue to stimulate the kids and encourage their brains to grow.
    • Challenge: see if you can’t stop humming “Hola, Como Estas, Muy Bien, Gracias” or the “Elefante Song” after just one class.
  • Treehouse Tarzana Music Class 
    • We totally crashed this class by accident and Miss Kyla was super chill and welcoming. She had her son with her and he was adorable and it was really cute to watch them interact. I know that’s random but it was sweet.
    • Bonus at the Treehouse is there is a HUGE jungle gym that is big enough for you to to fit in with your Future-Olympian. Drop in on Miss Kayla for some fun singing and music, and then crawl out the baby energy in the ball pit.
    • It’s also super cheap, $10 for a day pass. Great option for when a play date cancels.

Know of a music class that we missed or should go check out?  Message us and we’ll come jam!!

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