Cool Mom got proposed over the weekend and it was INCREDIBLE! I totally did not see it coming and every detail was perfect.

He popped the question on a post-it note in the spot where we first met, on the night before our baby girl’s first birthday party.

Everyone who knows me knows I get manicures every two weeks and that my nails are very important to me. I think I’ve gotten bi-weekly manicures for almost 15 years now? I notice peoples hands because I’m always shaking them and it’s important to me to not have gross hands. From the onset of Operation Feyonce, Baby Daddy integrated this into his plans. However, convincing someone who always gets manicures to go get one is not a hard problem at all and was not something he needed to worry about … until I Jamie’d it.

Using The Handful’s first birthday party as a catch all smoke screen for any errands, attitude problems, jitters and the reason for Gammy and Auntie Roosk to be in town, Baby Daddy was able to hide ALL of the planning from me. Any time he dipped out to make a phone call or go design the ring, I didn’t think twice about it because I was knee deep in goodie bags and Party City streamers. So the whole time I’m coordinating plastic bowls and RSVP’s, he’s meeting with my sister to go find the exact street corner where we first met.

Meanwhile, genius B’Uncle is busy graduating from NYU and starting an adult job at Sloan Kettering. Makes every bit of sense in the world that the rest of my family would be in NYC at his graduation. So again, I’m not even SUSPICIOUS. But, to keep the waters nice and muddy, my mom and dad pretend to be helping my brother move out of the dorms during all his graduation chaos. Which again, made sense to me so I never questioned any lack of communication because I assumed they were UHaul’ing around Lower Manhattan.

So. Baby Daddy tells me we have a reservation at Gjelina in Venice with his sister and her boyfriend. I am like ugh, Venice, from The Valley? Not to get all Californian’s on you but the 405 is the WORST. I don’t even protest though because I like Auntie Roosk’s boyfriend so much I’m like just suck it up for the car ride, get dressed, at least you know you’re going to like the company and have a good meal. Oh and in some miracle, I put together an awesome outfit on the first take so I’m re-motivated to go now because I like my ensemble. (Ripped jeans, new white leather jacket, H&M shoes for the fashion heads) Oh again, Gammy took me to get my hairs did earlier in the day under the auspices of, oh go get your hair cut the day before the party so it’s nice day-of. Hairs and outfit, check. Manicure … technically done.

Baby Daddy is a very aggressive driver and I’m an equally aggressive Backseat Driver. For the second time in our relationship, I kept my mouth shut on the drive. Cool Mom fans might recall a similarly calm drive from when I went into labor …

We are zigging and sagging around Abbot Kinney when he pulls into an arbitrary alley and with characteristic force, SLAMS the breaks and puts the car in park.

“DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE?!” he bellows.

I look up and see an alley and some people awkwardly walking around our car. He then cranks the car radio to a level 44 as he bursts out the driver’s side. Blasting on the speakers is Rascal Flatt’s “Bless the Broken Road” and the trunk of the car is now open and then slammed and all of a sudden I have Baby Daddy on one knee in the street below the curb while I remain seat-belted in the Jeep. He produces a fancy shoe box with a pair of shoes in it and he says:

“We met because your shoe broke, but you will never be in broken shoes for the rest of our lives” and I see the post-it that says “Will you be my true love forever”

Haaaa, you guys I’m crying as I type this. Haaa.

I said yes. Then he gave me Feyonce (my ring). And then …!! My whole family showed up!!!!!!!! He flew my family in … including my Graduate!!

Ok ok ok I have Feyonce on and we’re in the car driving home and he says oh we’re not going to Gjelina at all, we’re going to Public School (near us). I’m stoked, you know I love a gastropub. I especially love a gastropub near my own house. When we get there, The Handful and Gammy are at the entrance and The Handful has a shirt on that says “Daddy asked and Mommy said Yes” which was adorable. And then I see my parents and my graduate brother, and I freaked out! My whole family was there!! Baby Daddy’s family and my family were all there for the big moment -which is all I could’ve asked for, and as an added bonus they were all here for Mickey’s birthday party the next day!


In the history of my life, that long manicure life I detailed above, I have only disliked 2 manicures. Two. This manicure was the second. I stupidly asked my normal gal who SLAYS on those neutral tones, to do nail art. I showed her a pinterest of what I wanted. The result was what Sister named: Nail Grillz. I had a solid gold engagement finger. Baby Daddy puts a perfect ring on my left hand, and for the only moment in my life when that finger matters, I HATED the mani. Poor Baby Daddy scheduled the whole proposal around my getting this manicure and I walk out like BARF PUKE I have a stink-Gold finger! Class Jamie-ing of a situation: you think it’s fool proof and I surprise ya! Post proposal I got that situation handled though so now I’m presentable again.

But y’all, from now on, you can call me: FEYONCE.




Just Call Me FEYONCE!!

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