I remember I used to think that people were jerks who
answered in weeks and months when asked how old their kids are – forcing me to
do math and either pause the conversation to add up on my fingers and toes and
then divide by 12 or just nod my head pretending I knew what the hell 17 weeks
meant or 21 months.  Oh yes, 24 months,
how specific, wait, that’s a 2 year old?
And then the person is still yammering and the whole time they’ve
blathered on about something, I’ve been stuck at that stop sign in the
conversation counting months.  

However … now, I actually get it.  Sorta.
These Poo Factories change week to week and each week they’re basically
supposed to learn a new trick.  So when
another mom or dad asks how old your little goblin is, it totally makes sense
to say X weeks or months because those in the club can make the appropriate
comparisons to their own kid (and ultimately find their own goblin

What doesn’t make sense is when your Booze Bag friend calls
you at 7 AM on a Sunday morning (because you’re the only person who will answer
when she’s doing the Stride of Pride in last night’s outfit) – and you tell HER
your baby is anything other than an age in years because her brain processes it
this way: under a year or x years.  End thought.  If you’re not a parent and someone answers
you in months or whatever, just go “I have no idea what that means” and force
them to explain why it’s significant.  Otherwise it really is irrelevant to know that they’re 13 weeks vs 14 weeks.

TL;DR the answer is in years if the inquiry comes from a non
parent, and if it comes from a parent get as specific as you want honey (because my kid will out drool yours any day).

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