What does Grandma need to prep to host your new addition?

Oh you thought you thought that the flight was it?  You thought the battle of LAX was the end of
the struggle?  Think again …

Up until our trip to Mema & Puma’s we’ve only played in
home games.  Our changing table, our
crib, our clothes, our wipes, our bottles … granted some of these things flew
with us, but we couldn’t bring it all.
So what do you do when you’re visiting as a family and have none of your
supplies?  Cool Mom’s got you covered!

It’s your lucky day, reader, because even though I had no
idea what to do, MY mom had all the tricks.
Memacyver (Mom, that’s funny come
called us and requested a list of gear she could get in advance.  I’m thankful she did this because my instinct
(wrong per usual) was to fly with as much as I could and get the rest on the
ground.  Wrong.  Have your host do some set up in advance,
it’s a much smoother landing.  You could
be coming off some chaotic travel, one or all of your #squad could have
diarrhea, someone could be hangry … remove an additional worry.

Mema had a pack & play set up and ready – with an
additional layer of towels to make the mattress softer.  Mema had the diapers and the diaper cream we
use set up at a makeshift changing station.
She created the changing station out of a dresser and a ton of cleverly
rolled and folded towels.  Her piece de
resistance however was the heating pad from 1982 (possible gift from their
wedding) which she repurposed to heat the water wipes so our nation’s future
leader would not experience the intolerable shock of a cold wipe.  Respect.

In the morning Mema had a new play gym thing ready to go
which was a big hit with The Handful.
Back home we’re getting kinda stale on the same old toys, so Mema’s new
toys were really exciting to her.  

As you can see Mema didn’t need to buy out the entire Babies
R Us, she just made some smart moves that allowed all of us to enjoy our
vacation instead of chasing problems as they popped up.  To be clear, I’m not saying all grandparents
or hosts for that matter need to run around and roll out the red carpet when a
baby is coming, I’m just giving everyone the tip that a little prep absolutely
goes a long way when it comes to those little milk guzzlers.  

Last point, I flew with her fitted sheet, her blanket and a
soft blob thing so that when we set up her pack n play on the ground it would
resemble her crib from home.  This was a good
move.  I recommend flying with their
sheet it’s worth the space it takes up in your carry on.


Cool Mom’s Baby
Hosting List

Since you’re begging,
here’s something you can copy/paste and send ahead:

Pack n’ play (these can be rented &
borrowed, you don’t always have to buy a new one)

Changing station (again, as simple as a
designated area in the room for changing just set up with all your gear so it’s
functional and you’re not living out of a bag)

Bottles (& formula if you use it)

A few toys

Weather specific items: winter coat; bathing
suit etc

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