Times have certainly changed since our parents and grandparents’ days when by now I would’ve been in at least 10 weddings. Meanwhile here I am at age 31 attending my first- friend’s wedding. Prior to this, none of my close friends had gotten hitched so I dodged the bridesmaid-bullet literally for the entire decade of my 20’s. Not only that, but I basically lept over that milestone in my own life by plowing past GO and right into maternity, effectively skipping my own wedding. The result is that I’m the go-to gal for my nonparent friends as their liaison into the mysteries of parenting and babies because for most of them I’m the only chick with a kid they know.

That said, every day that goes by, another one gets knocked up and so one by one everyone suddenly has baby showers and baby gifts to buy. Guess who they turn to? Their old friend who held their hair back after too many warm keg beers … ME.

Here’s a list of potential pregnant women you could have to buy a gift for and the accompanying Cool Mom Jamie gift suggestion.

Knocked Up Co-Worker:

Books we like: The Pout Pout Fish; The Jungle Run; Llama Llama series; Fancy Nancy series

Close Blood Relative:

  • You’re close to her so pay attention to what she’s got and what you think she might need. She probably has the crib and changing table but probably doesn’t have a baby carrier yet. Baby carriers are a dope gift because they’re a little pricey which means they’re on the “want” list for many moms, but they don’t cross over to the “must” list often due to bigger ticket items like the car seat crushing the budget.
  • Baby carriers come in a range of selections but in my opinion the Chicco and the Bjorn carrier work best for newborns. They’re easy to get on for a first time mom, she can slip both over her head and they’re easy to load, the baby just clicks in facing the mommy. You want to go with ease for a first time mom because literally everything for her is new and hard.

Your 900th Friend’s Shower This Year:

  • Going broke with bridesmaids gigs and baby showers? Sucks!! Sucks sucks sucks. You can still give the mommy-to-be a thoughtful, helpful gift. I’d like to reintroduce my friend, the book. Again books are inexpensive and always needed. But I would also like you to meet my friend Manual Labor. If you’re really tight on cash give the mom “coupons” for free childcare or help around the house. New moms get very overwhelmed you can wash dishes for her and keep her company … offer to watch the baby while she goes and takes a nap or a shower. Yo, but if you’re going that route you better be a helper not a house guest – so like don’t add to her mess or make noise or expect her to entertain you. Show up and act like the help.

The Next Cast Member on a Housewives Spinoff:

  • Flossy women have showers too and it can be intimidating to pick out a gift for a woman who has bags from designers you’ve never heard of that you’re already pronouncing wrong. Don’t feel the pressure to break the bank and buy something name brand. If anything go the personalized route with this chick because you can’t compete with your wallet, so give her something you know she doesn’t have – a blanket or a towel with the baby’s initials. And a book.

Chick You’re Sorta Close With But Aren’t Sure Why You Made The Invite:

  • Probably the hardest gift to get is for someone you’re friends with and either are new friends or haven’t spoken in a while but something about the friendship made you surprised that you were invited … You might not even know the sex of the baby or her husband’s name. In the old days you’d get this chick a nice expensive candle and call it day. Guess what candles = threat to babies.   Get her a bunch of Honest Co. diapers. Everyone uses them when they come home from the hospital, they always need more. The Honest Co has pretty patterns too so when you give it it feels less like here’s something for catching poop and more oooh look at those daisies.

Tech Geek Millennial Mom:

  • Wireless headphones. Cool Mom, you’re so random why would a mom want headphones? There will come a time when this mom wants to breast pump in peace or just listen to her favorite podcast or blast music to keep her motivated as she cleans the tub for the 900th time.  The hands-free component gives her more freedom and mobility to do mom stuff and still enjoy her beats or podcasts.

Fashion Mom:

  • Simultaneously ready for a picture while looking effortless at all times, she can pattern mix like Anna Wintour and has shoes you won’t buy until next year. Avoid buying her baby clothes, she probably has coordinated outfits ready for months. This mom is going to want the random stuff she didn’t think of – the teething toys; the bottle drying rack; squeaky toys. What you do here is get a bunch of stuff and wrap it pretty – she totally appreciates the presentation! Get some rubber duckies, some teethers, some wash cloths and then get it all wrapped up nice, trust me she will love.

First Pregnant Friend:

  • The first of your crew to become a mom or the first person you know to become a mom is an intimidating gift to buy. You can hit a total homerun by buying her a play mat and it won’t cost that much either! You have a ton of choices and play mats get boring so even if this mom gets a bunch, she will need more anyway!

OK aside from a Frenemy Mom I think I covered the mom spectrum for you … My last words are this, BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS. You will never go wrong buying books and you can even get “older” books for the moms because kids grow!! The mom community is VERY down with reading to kids because it builds vocabulary and it teaches them, so when in doubt gift your favorite book. And total friend bonus points, READ the book to the baby!! I’m serious, the mom will love you for it. Lastly, don’t buy the mom clothes – everyone is sending her clothes it’s the one thing she doesn’t need.


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Gift Ideas for the Pregnant Women You Know

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