It’s been a busy summer for our family and now with Mickey in school a few days a week I have more time to get organized and get caught up. I say caught up because we’re mid-move to a new town, we’ve joined a Temple and Mickey is in school (so obvs I am going to be in the PTA!!!), so there is a LOT to get done these days. Also, I find packing lunch difficult, anyone else stare at the empty lunchbox wondering “what do I put in here?” … No? Just me? I swear it takes me extra time to pack that thing because I have to think hard the whole time. Because I’m so extra, I also signed up for Doula Training and have been shooting exciting stuff for a Netflix show while maintaining The Handful’s swimming, ballet and gymnastics activities. Needless to say my hands are full. Oh and failing miserably at potty training. I’m on my third book. I’m praying the preschool helps!

My next few posts are going to be about Preschool, a Cool Mom Jamie Book List (a list and blurb about books to get for YOU, not for the kiddies); Moving; Special Project Announcement. So keep checking back here for the latest posts because the busier I am, the more efficient I am!

Lastly, because it’s Monday and we sometimes need a little help on Mondays, please enjoy this excerpt from my current FAVORITE parenting book “Parenting As A Second Language” by Elisabeth Stitt and Valerie Alexander. It’s the perfect “Mindful Parent” Clapback for the ever-frustrating question: What do you DO all day??  I met Elisabeth at a parenting conference and was really impressed with her Joyful Parenting approach and then after reading her book I was like omg, people should read this one because I couldn’t put it down – actually she wound up being the inspiration for my upcoming book list post!  Below is the excerpt that reeled me in and I felt like because it’s Monday maybe you need to remind yourself of this stuff too so here you go:

“Mindful Parent” Clapback for the ever-frustrating question: What do you DO all day??

“I’ll tell you what I did: I gave a Deluxe Diaper change – I taught Bobby to trust me by responding to his needs right away!

  • I strengthened his eyes by getting close and pulling away.
  • I made him aware of his body by nibbling on his toes.
  • I bonded with him by giving him a massage before I put his clean diaper on.
  • I taught him to count while doing the snaps on his onsesie.

You see how a mundane task has become a major parenting moment? … You may be worried that you have to be doing something special or grand to be a good parent, but it really is each individual moment that counts” (page 39, Parenting As A Second Language)

SO, consider that the next time someone says “what do you do all day?” you can remind yourself and the rude person exactly how important what you’re doing is.  Mindfully 😉

STAY TUNED! Lot going on and a lot coming up 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Cool Mom Jamie Newsletter

  • September 18, 2017 at 7:51 pm

    Thanks for the shout out, Jamie! With all that you do, I can’t believe you would ever have to go into that much detail, but you are right–when we list things mindfully, we stop to appreciate the value all our actions bring.

    Happy Parenting!

    • September 18, 2017 at 8:18 pm

      I loved that section – and MORE than a few others 🙂 hopefully some other people pick up the book and like it too!


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