Au Fudge, the bill.  

A restaurant review of Jessica Biel’s new WeHo situation that’s being billed as a social club for moms.  (


In the same week that I read a review of Au Fudge on Jezebel, written by a non-parent, a mom in my #momsquad made a rez for our crew at the trendy mom spot.  The Jez review slammed the place ( But the reviewer was a single lady who brought a friend with a kid with her.  She was not a haver of a 10 month old who loves public screeching and dropping bread crumbs in preparation for her Gretl audition in ten years.  So here’s my take on our $200 bill split between five moms.

Parking is typical Beverly Hills park-at-your-own risk peril with the additional nonsense of a cash only valet. While this was to be expected, Valley life has spoiled me and I hate paying for parking now.  Because we had a last minute wardrobe poo-splosion, I forgot to grab cash for the valet so we had to park super far.  Thankfully I brought my stroller, and even though we’re 20 minutes late because of this I’m not gonna let a little back sweat ruin my swagger (that’s why I wore cotton!). I’m glad we’re 10 months into this Mom situation too because I knew not to wear fancy shoes, I knew to pack extra diapers etc etc … I didn’t roll in like it was my first rodeo.

We stroll up in time to see Rachel Zoe fabulousing around with her nanny and extremely well dressed children. It’s a strange sight to see wee ones dressed better than you, equal parts erie and pretty – I did an open mouth gawk shamelessly as I bumped the wheels of our Bugaboo all over the servers feet to squeeze by them.  A loud pterodactyl screech from The Handful saved me from having to process any humiliation at my gawkery, because she was SO excited to see her friends. At our table I see all of my #momsquad looking good. Everyone had a bath today.

When you get 5 moms and 5 babies who’ve all been bathed same-day there’s a certain amount of photography that goes on.  This is well above the normal annoying moms on Facebook photography, this is DOCUMENT HOW GOOD WE LOOK level of commemorative picture taking. Real cameras were used, not just iPhones. Zoe is all is that paparazzi? Ha, just some moms feeling HOT.

Anyway our social situation aside, I got some things to say about the restaurant of it all.  I think for the most part everything is like $8 too expensive.  Then they asked me to valet my stroller, which ok that’s fine.  But then they took it and put it on the street.  I thought they were going to put it in a coat check, but they just took it and put it outside – where I’m like uhhhh, any criminal ever could just walk off with my expensive ass Bugaboo!  I felt like they should’ve told me where the stroller check was because I would not have agreed to let them walk off with it knowing that. But the weirdest part was the kids play room aspect.  So when I read about the place, I was picturing a cool playroom that I could walk The Handful around while we waited for our food.  No, I was informed when we walked in the room that just to be in there it would cost us $15.  I explained to the Mary Poppins costumed 28 year old boss of the room that we were just looking around the room and not planning on staying to “play”.  At which point she clarified that access to the room for children under 2 is $15 with mandatory parental supervision.  Let me clarify this clarification for you: that’s a $15 cover charge to carry my  non-walking child around a room with some books in it.  Pass.  Oh wait, there’s a $40 personal nanny that you can arrange for by calling ahead. That sounded kinda cool if you have older kids and want some adult time, basically it’s $40 an hour for this nanny to watch your minis while you booze.  Just like make sure you call Uber, because unless you’re walking, I still don’t get the Moms drinking and driving this can enable …

If your Chocolate Factory creates fudge at Au Fudge, you will get your money’s worth out of the bathroom.  That’s one place where I’m like, well played Biel.  Products, space, nice smell and clean.  Pretty much all the things I like in a bathroom.  Top marks.

Food quality.  I liked what we got.  Was it over priced? Yes. Did we eat everything, yep.

For me though it was about getting out with The Handful and eating a place that resembles the places I used to eat before people started glaring us out of restaurants at her screams. I would’ve liked to have also added a few round tables so groups like our group could socialize easier.  We all liked being out in a fancier than Starbucks place together.

Final verdict:

If you live in Beverly Hills or WeHo, 100% hit this place up with your kids.  Older kids can take advantage of the $15 make ya holla club, any kid under 2 is not worth the charge.

For us Valley folk and my Southbay friend who joined us, the schlep was a little much considering the bill to justify this as a regular Friday lunch. But if they opened up a place like this on Ventura Blvd they could probably do a cover charge at the door for all the moms over here who would love this place.

But we had an amazing day together and I’m so glad our friend took the lead on organizing this fancy lunch for us!

Au Fudge: A Restaurant Review