Cool Mom Reviews: Midici in Sherman Oaks

A week before I got proposed, another mom in my #momsquad got proposed as well and so the social director of our crew (Mary Poppins) organized a fun night out to celebrate our engagements.

Mary Poppins earned her name with her incredible, bottomless diaper bag. Every mom in our #momsquad has a story (or in my case many stories) of Mary Poppins bailing us out at one time or another with something from her magic bag. She’s got stuff in that bag that you can’t find in The States and she’s got two of whatever you forgot. One time The Handful exploded out of her diaper onto my spare outfit for her and while I was feeling overwhelmed and embarrassed, Mary Poppins floated in with a onesie and our brand of diaper cream. She organizes trips to the zoo for our babies and when you roll with Mary Poppins you roll VIP, she gets you free entry and discounts left and right. Oh and she does all of this with like really fancy flare, said Mary Poppins bag is meticulously organized and she always has great make up.

SO that’s Mary Poppins in brief. Anyway, in typical fabulous fashion, she organizes an engagement party for me and Stylist Mom (who as I said also just got engaged). The location for the party is Midici in Sherman Oaks, a spot that I had never visited, but that all the other moms said was legit.

Fun fact about this spot is that almost all the moms in our crew could walk there … which meant this was going to be a boozy evening!

I wore my fancy new proposal shoes (obviously because I’m obsessed with having my fancy shoes now!) but I didn’t anticipate the back of the heel blisters that would practically destroy my existence later. Any tips on how to protect that Achilles heel from blistering are appreciated because it’s a regular blister zone for me. As I roll up I realize that this was a missed opportunity to wear high heels because EVERY mom in our crew was in at least three inches or higher heels. We’re a tall crew!

So this place is interesting, you order up at the counter and then retrieve your own utensils and napkins and plates etc, but the wait staff brings out your food to the table. In some ways this was cool but in other ways it was distracting. There was confusion in our group about what the waiters would bring over vs what we were supposed to go retrieve ourselves. We got over it though after Baby Daddy sent over a bottle of Rose to the table. The food was great, the wine was great, and obviously the company was amazing. We ordered a bunch of small plates and pizzas and then mostly wines and champagne to drink. At one point the waiters and waitresses came out with some chocolate writing on a plate that said “M + J” in a heart. Stylist Mom’s name starts with an M, so if you looked at the plate it would be reasonable to conclude we were engaged to each other haha, which is fine. I was happy to have even more chocolate. My only gripe was how long it took to bring things out and get the drinks going because as much as we were having the best night ever, I think everyone was ready to go by the time the bill was finally presented.

The scene at this place was surprising to me, it was cool Craft-Beer-drinking dads and Rose-sipping moms with kids EVERYWHERE. It felt like the cool place of my dreams: a place where parents can chew food and swallow beverages and their children can shriek at pterodactyl volumes without judgment. If you’re a parent in The Valley, this is one to check out for a Happy Hour or early dinner. The menu didn’t feel like a less hip version of a West Hollywood menu, the crowd felt like all the people you’d see at your friend’s BBQ and the kids all seemed bathed (albeit loud). Cool Mom gives this 4 out of 5 Ray Bans. Docking one for the slow and weird service.

Mary Poppins wasn’t going to let the bill end our evening. She wasn’t going to let her famed bag miss out on the fun. So at the end of the meal she presented me and Stylist Mom with cards and the most fabulously wrapped gifts I’ve ever seen. She and the moms chipped in to get us our first bridal robes, they got us white silk robes that say “BRIDE” on the back!! How fabulous is that?! Needless to say I wear mine all the time. A silk robe can do wonders for your mood, go try it!





An Engagement Party at Midici with My #MomSquad
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